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Queermance 2014: An Overview

Queermance-Vol-1-CoverIn late March, the first Queermance writers festival was held in Melbourne, celebrating queer relationships in fiction. Attendance was relatively small but very keen.

Panels included Writing What you Aren’t (in part about straight writers who write queer fiction – like me), The Art of Getting Published, and Writing Sex and Erotica (and how to do it well). The talented Scarlett Rugers taught us about good cover design, while Louise Bourchier of D.Vice talked us through a lot of sex toys and their uses. (I have ideas for at least two stories as a result of that session!)

The festival had enjoyable festivities in the evenings as well, all held in the Hare Hole at Hares and Hyenas – the launch on Friday night, the Queering the Text quiz on Saturday night and Sunday’s Queerbaret, involving dance, juggling, comedy and saucy readings! (I read from the unpublished F/F erotic romance, Birds of a Feather: in the course of the reading, I was required to fake two orgasms onstage. That was new…)

Overall, Queermance 2014 was both fun and educational, and a terrific opportunity to meet other writers and publishers of LGBT fiction. I’m hoping to soon have some guest posts by Scarlett, and host of the Getting Published panel, Nicolas Frank.

One exciting outcome of the festival was the Queermance Anthology. I have a story in it, Late Bloomer, about a rather melancholy judge named Harcourt and his relationship with his gardener, Jake. I did a reading from that story on the Friday night at the launch of the festival/anthology. The e-book also contains stories by Mary Borsellino, Kerry Greenwood, Matthew Lang and Kristen Henry.

Huge thanks and congratulations to the Queermance crew, especially Matthew Lang who kept things moving and kept the attendees more or less in line. When he’s recovered, I hope he takes up the challenge of doing this again next year!

Buy the Queermance Anthology  Vol 1 (it’s only $2.80):

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Homecoming: A Talbott & Burns Mystery – now available!

HomecomingI am excited and delighted to announce that my first short M/M erotic romance, Homecoming, has just been released as an e-book by Clan Destine Press’s Encounters imprint. There are currently two more in the series scheduled, and when I have a moment I’ll be writing some more for these boys!

The story’s been launched just ahead of this weekend’s Queermance Festival! (And you can read more about Queermance at SameSame)

I also have an M/M short romance in the Queermance anthology, and I will be doing a reading for an F/F story that is slated to come out with Encounters/Clan Destine.

It’s a busy year full of all the love, it seems!

About the Talbott & Burns Mysteries

For two very smart men, Elliot Talbott and Jack Burns can be mighty slow: hell, it took them a decade to realise they were perfect for each other.

When they start an investigation business, mayhem naturally follows.

Looking for ghosts, witches and the paranormal, what they find is crooks, real life and a heap of trouble.

It’s a good thing they have each other as well.

About Homecoming

Jack Burns joined the army in the hope it would get his best friend out of his system. He’s been fighting wars for four years, and it didn’t work.

Jack leaves the army and returns to Melbourne, still secretly in love with Elliot Talbott – brilliant, mad, gorgeous Elliot – just as he’s been since they were fifteen. Elliot made it very clear, back then, that he wasn’t interested in dating anyone, boy or girl. He just wanted mad adventures with his best mate.

Jack’s okay with that. Really, he is. He’ll settle for being Elliot’s best mate and having home grown adventures in Elliot’s latest ridiculous scheme – Talbott and Burns Investigations. Problems Solved – Pests Eliminated  – Mysteries Unravelled!

And he’ll get right on with that – just as soon as he’s worked out why Elliot is missing, where he is and whether that last message means that Elliot and Jack have finally run out of time.

An extract from Homecoming

There was no light at all; not a glimmer. All Jack could hear was their breaths, loud and overwhelming after the creak and terrifyingly soft plmpfff of the tunnel filling with dirt.

“Jack,” said Elliot.

“Shut up,” Jack said sharply, “Save your air. Help’s coming.”

Please, God, let help be coming.

Jack felt Elliot’s breath ease from harsh panting to something trembling but relatively steady. So little space separated them, chests pressed so close together Jack fancied he could feel Elliot’s heart thudding. Elliot’s long, lanky form felt fragile under his sturdier physique. Jack had spent years in hot desert climates, spent desperately lonely nights, imagining Elliot’s body beneath him, over him, entwined with him, and now this was how it happened. Jack’s body an inadequate shield for his best friend, his secret love, and Jack wouldn’t mind dying so much if it meant Elliot would live, because it wasn’t supposed to happen like this or end like this.

Homecoming (A Talbott & Burns Mystery) is now available at: