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Review: A Case of Domestic Pilfering by Rohase Piercy with Charlie Raven

Being known as someone who enjoys multiple interpretations of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson has its rewards. I was contacted out of the blue  a few months ago with an offer of a review copy of A Case of Domestic Pilfering, a story originally written by Charlie Raven and then reworked by Rohase Piercy.

I haven’t read any of Piercy’s other fiction yet, but I know her 1988 book, My Dearest Holmes, is a queer reading of the relationship, so I thought there might be a certain sympatico.

A Case of Domestic Pilfering is a delightfully fast-paced adventure seen mainly through the eyes of well-to-do Guy Clements and his dear friend Max Fareham in the summer of 1890.

They are very much more than good friends, in fact, and not always as discrete as they might be. Guy is vivacious and more than a little foolish, an extroverted drama queen and aesthete, more Bosie than he is Wilde, despite his pretentions. Max is less well off, less overt, and really very sweet.

They fall into trouble through a combination of events, including the theft of some important documents, a clever and desperate young housemaid, a shortfall of funds for gambling debts, a little domestic pilfering, and a chance meeting with Dr John Watson at the races.

Holmes of course is involved in an investigation and all the elements become rather tumbled as the Great Detective doesn’t quite get hold of the right end of it.

Holmes and Watson are supporting characters in a story of misunderstandings, cross-purposes, disguises and secrets. It feels very much Wilde meets Wodehouse, with it’s foppish upper class young men who are mentally negligible.

The book is hugely fun and reads at a smart pace. I’ll definitely be looking for more of Piercy’s work -.

You can read an excerpt of A Case of Domestic Pilfering here.

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Publishing Roundup: lesbian romance, gay vampires, and Sherlock Holmes in Melbourne

The last few months have seen a few publishing milestones for me, so here’s a bit of a roundup before I resume my travel reports from the UK.

Gay Vampires: Ravenfall

While walking around on a self-guided tour of Roman London, I stumbled across this fantastic view of the Shard and London Bridge Hospital. The Hospital features in the bloody climax of my London-set paranormal thriller, Ravenfall.

The book is also a gay romance, with vampire James Sharpe trying to reclaim his humanity, with the help and love of the very human artist, Gabriel Dare. They might do well with that, provided they survive the plot in which James’s sire is involved.

Recent guest posts about Ravenfall:

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Sherlock Holmes in Australia

I’ve written Holmes and Watson in Australia as a canon-era love story in The Adventure of the Colonial Boy – but I also write more traditional stories of them as epic best friends. I have stories in two sepearate anthologies, both set in Australia!

Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook is coming out in November. My story, The Mystery of the Miner’s Wife, is set in Ballarat.

Baker Street Irregulars 2: The Game’s Afoot is due out in April 2018. It’s full of alternative universe interpretations of Sherlock Holmes. In my story, The Problem of the Three Journals, Holmes and Watson are contemporary Melburnian hipsters, running their cafe, The Sign of Four, and solving mysteries. The book is currently available for preorder:

Lesbian romance: Near Miss

Near Miss, set in Melbourne, is the story of a rock chick and a cool hairdresser who keep not quite meeting until a yarnbombing event intervenes. It came out in August.

I wrote about the story and yarnbombing for Women and Words: Creative Rebellion and Joyful Defiance.

You can get Near Miss at: