Romance One-Offs

Other short romance stories have been published as one-offs and in the following anthologies.

I also have three current series of erotic romance short stories.


Glory is a rock chick. She’s fierce. From a distance she keeps seeing a gorgeous woman with fantastic hair.

Ness is a hairdresser. She was named for the Loch. She’s been admiring the lead singer of Glory Be for ages.

Fate keeps preventing them from meeting, until the night of the yarnbombing in Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens – a night that knits their lives together.

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A Certain Persuasion

a-certain-persuasionStory – Know Your Own Happiness

Four years ago, Cooper West allowed his brother to persuade him that it was easier to pretend to be straight than admit to being bi. It was a stupid decision that cost him the love of his life, Archer Flynn. Now out, recently dumped and still harbouring regret for his lost love, Fate and Cooper’s cousin Kate are about to intervene, via a book club meeting where the book under discussion is … Persuasion.

Manifold Press’s anthology of queered Jane Austen short stories will be released on 1 November 2016.

A Certain Persuasion (430 pages) is available for pre-order, and will be available as a paperback as well as an ebook from 1 November.

Q: Queermance Volume 1

Story – Late Bloomer

Justice Harcourt Winterbloom has a beautiful garden – and Jake Constance, his gardener, is beautiful too. Jake nurtures Harcourt’s night-blooming garden, and he’ll teach Harcourt how to bloom as well.

The Queermance Anthology celebrates the best of queer Australian romance writing.

Commissioned to celebrate Melbourne’s inaugural Queermance Literary Festival this is an anthology of erotically-charged romances from famous, emerging and aspiring writers.

Volume 1 features fabulous tales of love and lust by Kerry Greenwood, Matthew Lang, NM Harris, Julie A Pollard, Susan Beck, Alison Evans, Kristen Henry, Mary Borsellino, Anders and Nicole Field.

Q: Queermance Volume 2

q2-coverStory – The Birthday Present

Trent Springfield never makes a fuss about birthdays. His boyfriend, Marcus Darrow, promised to be a catwalk model for his friend Madelaine, and is spending the birthday evening clad in crystals and high heels and not much else.  But that’s all right – Marcus has a birthday surprise planned, and it involves those heels and a pair of red panties.

This second volume of fabulous, erotically-charged romances from well-known, emerging and aspiring writers coincided with Melbourne’s second Queermance Literary Festival in April 2015.

Q2  features moving, inspiring, sad, funny, dark and light-hearted tales of love and lust by: NM Harris, Beck Mitchell, Matthew Lang, Isabelle Rowan, JJ Carroll, Lou Kohler, JFR Coates, Renae Kaye, May Wilson, Marion Adams, Scott Thornby, Nicole Field, EE Montgomery, Dominica Malcolm and Victoria Brown.

Sky High, Bone Deep

Traditionally, leather is an anniversary gift. One couple is about to take that in a very non-traditional way…

Rory and Lily have been married for five years, and they have special plans to celebrate their anniversary: a little game involving a collar and a leash and some silky underwear…for Rory. A little light bondage can be just for fun — but beyond the play, there is love, bone deep and bright as the stars.

It is not the usual genre that I read… with the being said, the author did an amazing job. Sure this is a quick novella, but the entire scene to me screamed out love and affection. The respect they had for another was amazing.” ~ Monica Cullip, Goodreads

An enjoyable, short erotic romance between an already established couple. Great, quick read. `~ Erinne, Goodreads

Sky High, Bone Deep is now available at:

Read my interview about Lily’s occupation: forensic pathologist!



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