Holmes ♥ Watson

Short stories of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in love – with each other! Romance and adventures!

For full-length Holmes/Watson romance novels, see:

A Murmuring of Bees


Story: Nectar
Poem: Love Song to a Bee

Hot on the heels of the MX Publishing anthology of Holmes Xmas stories (in the best-friends tradition of Victorian tales) comes another Holmesian anthology, but this one full of love, romance and sex – A Murmuring of Bees.

The stories in this anthology explore John Watson and Sherlock Holmes as lovers as well as sleuths. The stories are set in dozens of times and places, from Victorian settings, riffing on canon, to modern interpretations. I have both a short story and a poem in the book. Other writers include Kerry Greenwood (the Phryne Fisher series) and Atlin Merrick (The Night They Met).

The proceeds of this book go to the It Gets Better Project.

A Murmuring of Bees



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