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Coming December! Grant Me the Carving of My Name

An anthology of Richard III short stories is coming out in December! Grant Me the Carving of My Name will contain stories by noted Ricardians, including Matthew Lewis and Wendy Johnson. I will also have two stories in the collection: “Long Live the King” and “Myth and Man”.

The proceeds will go the the Scoliosis Association UK.

Earworm Armageddon

I don’t often write SF, but my recent foray into the genre, Earworm Armageddon (about an aurally led subjugation of the Earth, with deaf protagonists) has been published in Jay Henge’s Wavelengths anthology.

Sometimes communication is not as straightforward as we might expect. From body language to Morse code, conveying messages comes in a wide variety of forms. How do we get our message across?

The stories and novellas in this anthology plumb the depths of the imagination, seeking to understand what might come to be if we were forced to communicate with those who no longer or never did understand us.

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Other stores will be added once it becomes available.

Passive Aggressive

My horror short story, Passive Aggressive is in Jay Henge’s anthology, Myths, Monsters, Mutations:

“From the bogey-men and devils who will eat you if you go out at night, to the gods and demigods waiting to be offended by some small slight, to the sinister mutations and impostors who try to fool us, to the monsters we harbor deep in our own hearts—all find a place within these pages.”

‘Passive Aggressive’ is about the insidious evil of passive aggression in offices…

Angie feels her blood vibrating like water on the skin of a drum. A timpani throb. She feels full of tremors.
She feels hollow.
The hollowness is singing.

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Virgin Soil

and-then-cover-onlyMy story in And Then…: The Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales Volume 1  teams a young man with magical powers with a shapeshifter, a man-turned-rat-or-vice-versa.

Some people might think they’re black magicians, and possibly they are, but someone has to do the dirty work, even on the side of the good guys. It’s set in 1851 during Melbourne’s gold rush years and involves virgin sacrifice – but maybe not the type you’re thinking of.

And Then… interview

Angela Slatter interviewed the authors contributing to the And Then… anthology by Clan Destine Press . This one’s mine.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door is in Jayhenge Publishing’s 2016 spec fic anthology, Intrepid Horizons, released April 2016.

The Truth About Brains

The Truth About Brains is about a teenage girl whose brother is turned into a zombie. She’s trying to fix him before mum finds out. The story was published in Best New Zombie Tales Volume 2, edited by James Roy Daley. You can get that as a paperback or as an e-book:


Showtime came out from Twelfth Planet Press in 2012. Showtime is part of TPP’s 12 Planets series and contains four short stories, including a story featuring Gary and Lissa from The Opposite of Life. See more on the Showtime page.

Showtime featured The Truth About Brains, previously published in Best New Zombie Tales Volume 2.

It also featured Stalemate, which appeared in The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2012.  

Show and Tell

Show and Tell is  in Jayhenge Publishing‘s spec fic anthology, Encounters, released in June 2015.


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