Coming soon: A Gentleman’s Disagreement

Later this year, Belanger Books is publishing Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon, an anthology of sequels to canon Holmes stories. I’m contributing “A Gentleman’s Disgagreement”, a sequel to “The Blue Carbuncle”.

The anthology will be funded through a Kickstarter, planned for August 2018. I’ll post more details when I have them!

Out Now: Earworm Armageddon

I don’t often write SF, but my recent foray into the genre, Earworm Armageddon (about an aurally led subjugation of the Earth, with deaf protagonists) has been published in Jay Henge’s Wavelengths anthology.

Sometimes communication is not as straightforward as we might expect. From body language to Morse code, conveying messages comes in a wide variety of forms. How do we get our message across?

The stories and novellas in this anthology plumb the depths of the imagination, seeking to understand what might come to be if we were forced to communicate with those who no longer or never did understand us.

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Other stores will be added once it becomes available.

New Release: A Dream to Build a Kiss On

A Dream to Build a Kiss On, by Narrelle M Harris, with illustrations by Caroline Jennings, is being released in June 2018!

John Watson, invalided army doctor and sometimes artist, and Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, become flatmates and friends in contemporary London.

Love grows stealthily too, despite past betrayals and present dangers – for where you have Holmes and Watson, there too are Moriarty and Moran.

A Dream to Build a Kiss On explores love and family, trust and betrayal, brothers and brothers-in- arms, forgiveness and revenge, in an ongoing tale told 221 words at a time.

Pre-order A Dream to Build a Kiss On:

Now out: Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot

Sherlock Holmes in modern Melbourne!

My Sherlock Holmes Alternative Universe story, “The Problem of the Three Journals”, is the opening sotry for Diversion Books’ Baker Street Irregulars: The Game Is Afoot, an anthology of alternative universe Holmesian

“Three Journals” is set in modern Melbourne; John Watson is former army medic, now a barista with a fine moustache and a penchant for vintage suits. He co-owns The Sign of Four cafe with his flatmate Sherlock Holmes, a perpetual science student (and violinist for the indie band The Devil’s Foot). They are a pair of savvy Melbourne hipsters who solve mysteries in between pouring shots.

YOu can add the book to your GoodReads list Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot

or get the anthology at:

Coming Soon: Earworm Armageddon

I don’t often write SF, but my recent foray into the genre, Earworm Armageddon (about an aurally led subjugation of the Earth) is to be published in Jay Henge’s upcoming Wavelengths anthology.

Release date and details to come.

Coming soon: Scar Tissue and Other Stories

My Patreon has reached its first goal of $100/month. This means that I will be publishing a new short story collection: Scar Tissue and Other Stories.

I have three stories still to write for the collection, which will contain reprints as well as brand new fiction. I don’t have a release date yet, but I do have a cover!

New stories will include a canon-era Holmes♥Watson werewolf adventure, a new story about Melbourne vampire Gary Hooper and his friend Lissa Wilson, seen through someone else’s eyes, a Ravenfall short story and several new Lost and Found flash fictions.

When Scar Tissue and Other Stories is released, my Patreon supporters will receive it as a thank you. The collection will become available for general sale a week or so later.

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