Now out: Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot

Sherlock Holmes in modern Melbourne!

My Sherlock Holmes Alternative Universe story, “The Problem of the Three Journals”, is the opening sotry for Diversion Books’ Baker Street Irregulars: The Game Is Afoot, an anthology of alternative universe Holmesian

“Three Journals” is set in modern Melbourne; John Watson is former army medic, now a barista with a fine moustache and a penchant for vintage suits. He co-owns The Sign of Four cafe with his flatmate Sherlock Holmes, a perpetual science student (and violinist for the indie band The Devil’s Foot). They are a pair of savvy Melbourne hipsters who solve mysteries in between pouring shots.

YOu can add the book to your GoodReads list Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot

or get the anthology at:

Scar Tissue and Other Stories

I will be releasing a collection of short stories – some reprints and many new ones – once my Patreon reaches its first goal of $100/month.

At present I’m only $22 from that goal, and so am writing the final stories like a fury!

New stories will include a canon-era Holmes<3Watson werewolf adventure, a new story about Melbourne vampire Gary Hooper and his friend Lissa Wilson, seen through someone else’s eyes, a Ravenfall short story and several new Lost and Found flash fictions.

When Scar Tissue and Other Stories is released, my Patreon supporters will receive it as a thank you.

Or support me on Patreon and get Fly By Night as a welcome gift.
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The Opposite of Life

Several of my books are currently out of print  – but with the rights of The Opposite of Life back in my hands, I’m in the process of discussing a re-release with Clan Destine Press, who published its sequel, Walking Shadows.

More news if/as it happens, probably in 2018!

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