Patreon and Fly By Night

I have officially launched my Patreon account, which aims to help me write more fiction!

My first book to come out of the Patreon project is the re-release of Fly By Night, which has been re-edited and has a shiny new cover by Willsin Rowe!

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Ravenfall – ebook

Ravenfall is now available in ebook format at:

Passive Aggressive

My new horror short story, Passive Aggressive is in Jay Henge’s latest anthology, Myths, Monsters, Mutations:

“From the bogey-men and devils who will eat you if you go out at night, to the gods and demigods waiting to be offended by some small slight, to the sinister mutations and impostors who try to fool us, to the monsters we harbor deep in our own hearts—all find a place within these pages.”

‘Passive Aggressive’ is about the insidious evil of passive aggression in offices…

Angie feels her blood vibrating like water on the skin of a drum. A timpani throb. She feels full of tremors.
She feels hollow.
The hollowness is singing.

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Scarlet Stiletto Awards 2017

‘Jane’ wins the Body in the Library category

In 2017, I entered the Sisters in Crime Australia Scarlet Stiletto Awards for the very first time. The awards, hosted by Sisters in Crime and a number of generous sponsors, are for crime stories written by Australian women and with female protagonists.

I am absolutely thrilled to have received the Body in the Library first place with my ghost story, ‘Jane’.

An Australian Literature research student meets a ghost in a state-of-the-art private library on a remote bush property. She tries to unravel the mystery of the ghost’s origins while the dangers of the present, both human and natural, loom.

Read ‘Jane’ and the other award-winning stories in Scarlet Stiletto: The Ninth Cut 2017:

Find out more about the Scarlet Stiletto awards at Sisters in Crime.

Bringing texts back

Several of my books are currently out of print  – but with the rights of The Opposite of Life back in my hands, I’m in the process of preparing several of them for re-release.

More news as it happens, probably in 2018!

Coming in April 2018!

Sherlock Holmes in modern Melbourne!

My Sherlock Holmes Alternative Universe story, “The Problem of the Three Journals”, has been accepted for Volume 2 of The Baker Street Irregulars anthology, published by Diversion Books.

Here’s Volume One: Baker Street Irregulars: Thirteen Authors With New Takes on Sherlock Holmes

“Three Journals” is set in modern Melbourne; John Watson is former army medic, now a barista with a fine moustache and a penchant for vintage suits. He co-owns The SIgn of Four cafe with his flatmate Sherlock Holmes, a perpetual science student (and violinist for the indie band The Devil’s Foot). They are a pair of savvy Melbourne hipsters who solve mysteries in between pouring shots.

The anthology is currently scheduled for an April 2018 release. Pre-order it on

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