Melbourne Review of Books interview

Melbourne author Narrelle Harris interviewed at the Melbourne Review of Books by Jamie Ashbird and Christopher Johnstone.

Twelfth Planet Press Showcase: Episode 5

I read an excerpt of Thrall, from my short story collection Showtime, at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2012. (Video by Terry Shepherd)


This short story from Showtime was first of all a one-act play. This production starred Katherine English as Helen, Stephen Marrable as Robert and Norman Heath as David, with Celia Andrews playing Olivia and directing. The actress who was cast as Olivia had to withdraw at the last moment, and Celia came up with this unusual staging as a way of dealing with the crisis.

The production took place at Harbour Theatre in Fremantle, WA, and was filmed by Yvon Hintz.


In episode three of the Love2Read series of videos, I join other writers in talking about why I love to read! (My part starts at about 2.44min.)

Aussiecon 4: Vampires vs Zombies Smackdown panel

L to R: George R.R. Martin, Foz Meadows, Narrelle M Harris, Scott Edelman, Felicity Dowker, and Chuck McKenzie.


See parts Two, Three, Four and Five as well.

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