I told The Local Lowdown in the Weekly Review about my favourite places in Melbourne in the April 14 City edition.


Jane Routley has interviewed me about my writing process, queer interpretations of Holmes/Watson and why women write it.

ausromtodaylogoHolmes and Watson Requited Love Pie: For AusRomToday’s “Build Us Your Ideal Story“, I made a Holmes/Watson Requited Love Pie:


And Then… interview: Angela Slatter interviews the authors contributing to the And Then… anthology by Clan Destine Press (due out in 2016). This one’s mine.

Melbourne Review of Books Interview: The Melbourne Review of Books team interview me on writing fiction, how to get past writers block, romance fiction, fanfiction and The Adventure of the Colonial Boy.

Introducing Improbable Press: Margy’s Musings interviewed me and Atlin Merrick about the new Holmes/Watson romance publisher, Improbable Press.

Not Quite Lost in London: For Women’s History Month, I shared with Gillian Pollack’s readers what I’d learned by learning how to travel around London even though I’m terrible at geography.

Set Guidelines to focus writing: Helen Goltz interviewed me about my reading and writing plans for 2015, and drew the above conclusion instead of giving me a sedative.

Guest Author – Narrelle Harris: Charlie Cochrane interviewed me about my inspirations, how I felt about getting published the first time and my favourite gay romance book.


Adventures in Romance Writing: Ahead of a workshop on writing about sex and intimacy, Writers Victoria interviewed me about the subject.

Journey to Publication: Nicole Murphy spoke to me about the journey to the publication of my first book.

Snapshot 2014 – Narrelle M Harris: Alex Pierce interviewed me for the SpecFic roundup of Australian writers in August 2014.


Aussie Zombie Author Month: Vintage Zombie at Undead Studies interviewed me for my thoughts on zombies and what I might do if faced with the Zombie Apocalypse


Drive-By: Angela Slatter interviewed me in October 2011 for Queensland Writers Week.

SheKilda 2011 – Six Quick Questions: In the lead up to the SheKilda Women Crime Writer’s Convention, I answered six quick questions for the website.

Meet Narrelle Harris: Author Rowena Cory Daniells interviewed me for her blog in December 2011.


Snapshot 2010: I was interviewed as part of a Snapshot 2010 series conducted in February 2010, leading up to the World Science Fiction convention to be held in Melbourne in September.

Literary Clutter: George Ivanoff interviewed me in April 2010 for his book blog Literary Clutter where I spoke briefly about ‘Let the Right One In’.

Book Tweep: In June 2010, Paula Grunseit published an interview about my reading habits! Visit Book Tweep to find out my childhood favourites and which fictional characters I’d like to meet.

Darebin Libraries: For my talk at the Preson Library on 13 August 2010 (Black Friday) I was interviewed ahead of time. They asked my about my favourite characters in The Opposite of Life and to vote on Vampires or Werewolves!

Mike Angley – author of the Child Finder trilogy
Mike interviewed me for his blog – the resulting discussion about writing, developing characters and more went onto his site in November 2010.



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