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Tell Us Your Backstory (2016)

ausromtodaylogoI write about my history in reading and how I became a writer in AusRomToday’s Tell Us Your Backstory series.

Paying for Our Passion (July 2015)

I write for David McDonald in his series of guest posts about the business (and income) of writing.

Brazen Encounters (August 2013)

I wrote an introductory blog post for Clan Destine Press’s Encounters line of erotic romance stories.

Typing in the Rhythm Section (March 2013)

I write for Rowena Cory Daniells’ blog about my relationship with music when I’m writing.

Writing with Five Senses (October 2012)

I write for David McDonald’s Wednesday Writers section on including all five human senses when creating worlds.


The Outland Institute.
After reading an entry about the role of editing in writing that I’d posted on my Livejournal site, John Richards asked me to expand on it for his arts and culture blog, The Outland Institute.  Read my essay here, and then go one to read the rest of John’s fascinating, entertaining and well-written blog.


I also write the occasional guest blog about travel at Aerohaveno.

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