CBD News (28 Dec 2016)

Vampires in the CBD interview by Khiara Elliott.

Narrelle Harris has been writing horror, crime, fantasy, romance, erotica and non-fiction out of her Swanston St studio for six years.

Her passion for writing has been a part of her for as long as she can remember.

Practical Motoring (1 Dec 2015)

Which car do I want to escape the Zombie Apocalypse? article by Robert Pepper.

The zombies are coming, sooner or later. And that got us wondering what car we’d want to escape the zombie apocalypse.

Hundreds of horror movies can’t be wrong, so it must only be a matter of time before we have to deal with those who should be dead – but how?  We asked zombie expert and horror writer Narrelle M Harris to set the scene…

“If I had time, I’d wonder how everything fell apart so quickly, and why. But I don’t have time. I’m busy running for my life from the zombie hordes”

The Age (April 4, 2013)

Fantasy authors find that crime does pay after all, article by Kylie Northover.

Excerpt: “Once upon a time crime thrillers tended to be neatly resolved by the final page, any mysterious goings-on explained by a logical hero detective, tricks perpetrated by the bad guys. Modern crime fiction, though, is colliding with the fantastic, as the supernatural becomes increasingly common in crime storylines.”


Melbourne Leader (20 August 2012)

Characters Atypical: Going against Stereotypes, article by Annika Priest

Excerpt: “You may be familiar with vampires as the tall, dashing types, irresistible to the opposite sex. But Narrelle Harris’ vampire Gary is tubby, wears Hawaiian shirts and lives in a double brick house in Glen Waverley with his folks.”


Dymock’s HEART book group

I wrote a piece called “Three Cheers for Redemption” for Dymock’s July 2008 HEART newsletter, for lovers of paranormal romance. If you would like to join HEART, email Louise McNally to be added to the mailing list.

Read the article in HEART: July

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