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Ten eBooks Return!

Ten titles make a return to ebook platforms

Last year, my publisher’s distributor went kaput. Some quick work saved my ebooks from being swallowed in the process, but it’s taken several months of wrangling to get the titles back onto Amazon! (Well, for some reason Expendable still isn’t there, but it’s shown up on other, related platforms so it should follow soon.)

I’m particularly delighted that the Duo Ex Machina novellas are now finally available again to readers across several ebook platforms: iBooks, Google Play, Nook Books, Kobo and Kindle!

The titles that have made a return are

Of course, while the books are back, none of the previous reviews have come back with them. If you’ve read any of them and would like to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, that would be enormously helpful in getting the algorithms to help people see the titles. Reviews don’t have to be long. A sentence to say whether or not you liked it, and perhaps another sentence or two about why, is enough for any platform and to help readers decide if the story is for them.

But either way, hooray for these ten titles being available once again!

The all-new Narrelle M Harris review crew

At long last I am getting around to organising a review crew!

What’s a Review Crew? A mailing list of people who like to review books and who might like to review my books as they come out.

Depending on the publisher, review copies may be available as an ebook or through a site like Netgalley. You’ll only receive emails when a new book is being released, and you’ll be able to unsubscribe at any time.

If you’d like to join my Review Crew, please let me know which genres appeal to you, and you’ll only be notified of the relevant books for review. Let me know your preferred ebook format too!

If you end up reviewing anything, it would be wonderful if you could let me know, with a link to the review (Goodreads, Amazon, your own blog or some other social media platform).

Not interested in reviewing but want to be informed of new releases, public appearances and other news as it happens? Sign up to the Mortal Whispers newsletter instead! (You can unsubscribe at any time.)

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