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Five Questions for Jason Franks

Today, Jason Franks answers five questions about his new book.

For our interview, Franks is wearing a pair of classic-cut Levis that are probably Costco fakes. His black t-shirt is frayed at the collar but the Black Sabbath logo looks crisp as if it had just been printed. He hasn’t shaved in a couple of days and his glasses are smudged. He has terrible posture and a very small head.

(Descriptions supplied by Jason Franks.)

Jason Franks

  1. What’s the name of your latest book – and how did you choose the title?

The book is called FAERIE APOCALYPSE. Originally it was going to be LOVERS, POETS AND MADMEN, which sums up the seed inspiration for the story, but does not give much of a clue as to what the book is about. So I went looking for some other options.

The book is set mostly in the fairy realms and deals with the nature of the place and the people who venture there, so FAERIE seemed like an obvious place to start.

I was reading about Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian—a key influence on my book—and I came across the phrase ‘apocalyptic prose’. That immediately seemed to fit not just the style of my own work, but also the story. So there it was.

Faerie Apocalypse.

  1. If you could choose anyone from any time period, who would you cast as the leads in your latest book?

I have this one already sussed from IFWG and I were working out the cover art. In the end we opted not to show any characters on the cover, but here’s what I came up with. There are five leads, as follows:

  • The Veteran: Contemporary Christian Bale. Long hair, bearded, a bit haggard, a bit spaced-out.
  • The Magus: Contact-era long-haired, crazy-eyed Jake Busey.
  • The Warrior Queen: Carey Lowell circa 1990.
  • Malo: A teenaged Benicio Del Toro.
  • The Engineer: A CGI rendering of a youngish lady, designed not to stand out in a crowd. A bit pixilated and well inside the Uncanny Valley.
  1. What five words best describe your story?

Dense, circuitous, violent, occulted, and reflexive.

  1. What faerie creature would you most like to meet – or be?

Out of all the creatures in the book I’d most like to meet the Queen of the Ore-lands. She wouldn’t have much time for me, but she’s also less likely to try to trick, murder or eat me than any of the other characters.

  1. What song reflects a theme, character or scene in your book?

The book references a number of songs quite explicitly. There’s a couple of Hendrix songs that flag key plot points. One of the monsters is a Blue Oyster Cult song given flesh. But the last part of the story is called Black Wings, after the Tom Waits song, and I think that perfectly sums it all up.

If you want a second helping, try Earth Died Screaming, also from the Bone Machine album:

About Faerie Apocalypse.

Over the centuries the Faerie Realms have drifted away from the mortal world. But for some, the Doors will open. For some, there is a Way to travel there, if they want it badly enough.

If they dream it hard enough.

In this era, only lovers, poets, and madmen can access the Realms of the Land—and for good reason.

A succession of mortals travel to Faerie: a veteran seeking beauty; a magus seeking power; an urchin seeking his wayward father; an engineer seeking meaning. These mortals bring the horrors of our age to the Land, and the Folk who live there respond in kind.

About Jason Franks

Jason Franks is the author of the novel Bloody Waters, the Sixsmiths graphic novels, and the Left Hand Path comic series. His work has been short-listed for Aurealis and Ledger Awards. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he is widely known as a person of low character and wicked intent.

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Quintette of Questions: Suzanne Cass

This week’s new romance release interview is with:

Suzanne Cass

1. What’s the name of your latest book – and how hard was it to pick a title?

The name of this book is Chasing Bullets, and yes it was VERY hard to pick the title. I had a working title of Undercover, but I decided that I needed to change it, as there are so many other books out already with the title Undercover. So I went in search of a better one.

After about 20 different incarnations and three weeks of different permutations, I eventually settled on Chasing Bullets, which came up in one of the many urban dictionaries on Google as a slang version of “to take a bullet ”.

2. If you could choose anyone from any time period, who would you cast as the leads in your latest book?

Oooh, I love this question. I think a lot (most) authors like to keep a photo gallery of images and ideas of their characters. And this is particularly true for me, so I picked my characters, using well-known celebrities almost before I started writing them.

My hero, David Cooper, is a cocky, sardonic undercover cop, with slightly messy surfie-blonde hair and a constant three-day growth. The celebrity I picked to personify him is Eric Christian Olsen, who actually plays a cop in the TV show, NCIS LA. His goofy persona is close to my hero’s personality. And I like to think my heroine, Tara Hunter, who’s an extreme sports guide, is tall and statuesque, just like the Aussie model, Megan Gale. One of Tara’s best asset’s her beautiful big smile, and Megan Gale is world renowned for her own gorgeous big smile.

3. What five words best describe your story?

Courage, heroes, Aussie suspense and (of course) romance.

4. Who is your favourite fictional couple?

This is a really hard one. I know this might sound odd, but I’ve always loved animal stories. And one of my favourites is Milo (the cat) and Otis (the dog). I know, it’s a soppy eighties tear jerker, but how can you not cheer for those amazing animals with such a strong love for each other they’ll climb mountains and swim surging rivers to find each other again? I cry every time I watch that movie.

If I have to name a human fictional couple/team, it’d be Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games. Throughout all the trials and tribulations Suzanne Collins throws at her characters, Peeta loves Katniss unconditionally, even though Katniss won’t allow herself to admit her own feelings for him. Peeta supports Katniss through everything, even when she’s lost faith in herself. It’s such a poignant, tragic book (and movie) but you can’t help barrack for them both to come out winners (of the games and at finding love).

5. What song always makes you cry? 

James Bay has an amazing, soulful voice. His song, SCARS, always makes me think of Tara and Cooper, when she first leaves him in Sydney and runs away to Byron Bay. I always imagine Cooper staring out his hospital window, wretched and in pain, wondering what he did wrong. It’s also significant because of the scars both characters bear, both internal and external.

About Chasing Bullets

Tara Hunter’s easy life in Byron Bay is turned upside down when David Cooper, her ex-police partner, appears in town and their chequered past comes back to haunt her. Tara is drawn into Coop’s mission to track down a group of terrorists hiding out in the jungle wilderness. But when he’s taken hostage, will she be able to find the courage to tell him she loves him and save him from a terrorist’s speeding bullet?

About Suzanne Cass

Suzanne Cass lives in Perth and loves to write about enigmatic heroes in wild, passionate, dangerous stories. Chasing Bullets is her second published novel. Her debut novel, Island Redemption won the RWAus award for best unpublished romance novel of 2016.

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Chasing Bullets will be released in  paperback in late January 2018.