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Now on Kindle!

One of the blessings of the new digital book age is that a writer’s previous books, now out of print, can be dusted off, given a minor makeover and unleashed upon the world once more. So it was with my crime novellas, Fly By Night and Sacrifice, and thus it is again with my fantasy books, Witch Honour and Witch Faith.

Fly By Night and Sacrifice, featuring Frank and Milo, were released as a single novel in 2004 by Homosapien Books. Frank and Milo are musicians, and a couple, and they keep stumbling into trouble. In Fly By Night it’s animal smuggling and murder; in Sacrifice it’s a serial killer!

Witch Honour was originally short-listed for the George Turner Prize in 1998 as ‘Witching Ways’. After the short-listing, I edited the tome into a trimmer version and wrote the sequel, Witch Faith, which was short-listed for the George Turner Prize in 1999. Finally, both books found a home with US publisher Five Star Science Fiction, an imprint of Thomson books, and they were published in hardcover editions in 2005 and 2007 respectively.Being in hardcover, and in the US, limited their availability somewhat.

The Witch books follow the adventures of a group of witches: Sylvia (who was inspired by my friend Yvon Hintz, who did the new covers), Leenan, Magda and Tephee. Magda is actually a qualified doctor from a technological civilisation who has ended up on this world with a strange past and a present where magic works. There are rogue witches, battles, dragons, love, betrayal, journeys, disappointments, joys and the occasional song!

Now the copyright for all of these books is back in my hands, and I’ve finally had the chance to format them all and get hold of some new covers. In due course, I will submit all four books to Smashwords for other e-book formats.

Follow the links to download the books from Kindle:

If you download the books, or have read them in their former lives as hard copy books, I’d be grateful if you wanted to leave a review on the Amazon site for them.

If you spot any errors that I’ve missed, let me know about those too. One nice thing about e-books is that you can make edits *after* the book has been published!

In the meantime, I hope that you all have a lovely time off over the next few days, if you’re taking the Easter break. Me? I’ll be working through my pile of paperbacks as a final effort to clear the physical book stash before I really start to work on the virtual book stash that is now growing in my new Kindle!

Fly by Night and Sacrifice now on Kindle

I mentioned a post or two ago that my novella Fly By Night was now available on Kindle. Today I can announce that its companion novella, Sacrifice, is also available

If you have a Kindle, or the Kindle application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (or if it’s available on other devices) you can now go straight to the Kindle store and buy one or both novellas. Just follow the links! The novellas cost US$2.99 each (around AUD$5 or £2.20)

Jeff Popple’s review of Fly By Night appeared in The Canberra Times on Sunday 4th April 2004. He said:

These nicely paced stories combine appealing characters, mystery, social commentary and a touch of humour in a readable mixture that maintains the right balance between entertainment and reflection. Fresh and enjoyable, the book also makes an interesting change from the familiar, and usually predictable, mainstream crime-fiction offerings.

Cover of Fly By Night novella on KindleFly By Night (Frank and Milo) (first novella, Kindle)

Successful musician Frank Capriano returns home to Perth for his mentor’s funeral, along with his band-mate and lover, Milo. Frank’s old friends are having money troubles and are trying to make ends meet through smuggling, but that turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg. Soon they have a murder to content with.

Cover Sacrifice novella e-book

Sacrifice (Frank and Milo) (second novella, Kindle)

Frank and Milo, performing as Duo Ex Machina, arrive in Melbourne to promote their new album, only to be distrubed by headlines blaring ‘Second Murder in Botanic Gardens: Police suspect anti-gay killing’. Before they know it, the two musicians are juggling a heavy public relations schedule with yet another murder mystery and threats against their own lives.

If you have already read the stories, it would be great if you could go to Amazon and write a review for one or both of them!

Thanks for your support, and please feel free to pass the message on to anyone you think would enjoy the books.