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It’s always delightful when one person’s creativity inspires another person’s creativity, and you get great big creativity inspiration loops!

Forever Cast

My upstairs neighbour, Andrew Cullen, was writing a song about vampires at the same time that I was writing a book about them. We think there might have been some osmosis happening through the floor. I took the opportunity to mention his song, Forever Cast, in the novel. Andrew Cullen’s site features  the song. Alternatively, you can find him on his MySpace page.

Mind the Gap

mindthegapWhile I was working on The Opposite of Life, my husband, Tim Richards, was writing a SF/fantasy thriller with dreamscapes, Egyptian gods and a lot of train stations. Then we realised that both his characters and mine spent a little while at the train station opposite the State Library. So we wrote a little cameo scene in each book. A teeny little crossover for those in the know. If you like the sound of it, you can get Mind the Gap (The Darius Transitions)Mind the Gap as a Kindle book from

The Opposite of Chicago

Mary Borsellino, a great writer (go and buy The Wolf House!), wrote a short fanfic, with Gary Hooper (my daggy vampire) and Patrick Stump, lead singer of Fall Out Boy, in his persona of vampire hunter from the band’s film clip for “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me”. I loved “The Opposite of Chicago“. I hope you enjoy it too.

Fan Art

garyoscarAnother Livejournaler, Audrey Fox, who designed and drew the covers of Mary Borsellino’s Wolf House books, did some fan art of Gary too. I love how she’s captured his clueless-and-worried-about-it expression. Audrey also  drew this scene of Gary and Lissa’s dog Oscar from Walking Shadows, because it amused me.


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