Scar Tissue and Other Stories: coming soon

My Patreon has reached its first goal of $100/month. This means that I will be publishing a new short story collection: Scar Tissue and Other Stories.

The new stories are all written, the book has been edited and it’s now being proofread before it goes for formatting and publication in partnership with Clan Destine Press. I hope the book will be available in September 2018.

New stories will include a canon-era Holmes♥Watson werewolf adventure, a new story about Melbourne vampire Gary Hooper and his friend Lissa Wilson, seen through someone else’s eyes, a Ravenfall short story and several new Lost and Found flash fictions.

When Scar Tissue and Other Stories is released, my Patreon supporters will receive it as a thank you. The collection will become available for general sale a week or so later.

Or support me on Patreon and get Fly By Night and Sacrifice as a welcome gift, as well as Scar Tissue and Other Stories when it becomes available.
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