Project: Kitty and Cadaver

The Kitty and Cadaver multimedia online project was born from my love of stories in which rock and roll saves the world from monsters! Never finding enough of them, I decided to write one of my own.

Naturally, when writing a story about music used as magic to defeat the dark, I soon determined that I’d have to write songs to go with the story.

I last played an instrument 30 years ago, so the next natural step was to turn to my niece, musician Jess Harris, to write the actual music for the lyrics I was penning. Then I thought, I really need some artwork to go with this planned website, and Nathan Holden, the talented artist who drummed in Jess’s last band, was brought on board.

And then I thought about one of the characters who wears a bracelet made up of bits of destroyed musical instruments and realised that I didn’t know of anyone who did that. A friend who is a jewellery maker sounded intrigued. We have made jewellery from instruments broken beyond repair, repurposing parts into new artistic life.

The book is now with an agent, but in the meantime I am scoring the songs I’ve written for the book and sharing them on my Mortal Words blog.




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