Coming in 2017: God Save the Queen

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Improbable Press books add romance to the adventure,
set in a world where Sherlock Holmes and John Watson’s relationship steps beyond friendship.

Coming in 2017 from Improbable Press!

God Save the Queen

By Atlin Merrick, Narrelle M Harris, Verity Burns

God Save the QueenA threat against the Queen of England has just been soundly thwarted, thanks to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Of course it’s all in a days work for the consulting detective and his doctor—until a series of wildly unexpected repercussions.

First, the press gets wind of John and Sherlock’s heroics and suddenly they’re media darlings.

Then Her Majesty decides to express her gratitude with medals of commendation.

But the most astonishing thing, the thing even the world’s second smartest man never saw coming was… a romance with his flatmate.

Can the partnership of Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson survive love, sex, a good deal more sex, solemn investitures, and really, really annoying chat show hosts?

This may be their toughest case yet.

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