Duo Ex Machina series

Duo Ex Machina: rereleases and new adventures

Through supporters at Patreon, I’m editing and rereleasing Fly By Night and Sacrifice, two novellas about Frank Capriano and Milo Bertolone, loving couple and members of the two-man band, Duo Ex Machina, and their entanglements in crime. Patreon will also be supporting me to write three more books in the series: Number One Fan, Kiss and Cry, and Little Star.

Currently available: Fly By Night

Fly By Night

Successful musician Frank Capriano returns home to Perth for his mentor’s funeral, along with his band-mate and lover, Milo. Frank’s old friends are having money troubles and are trying to make ends meet through smuggling, but that turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg. Soon they have a murder to contend with.

This is a new edition of Fly By Night, edited and slightly altered from the original version.

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Fly By Night was first published in 2004 by Homosapien Books. It was nominated in the Ned Kelly Awards for the “Best First Crime Novel” for that year. Fly By Night was also translated into Croatian under the name Zrtva. You may find a copy if you hunt around on the net!

‘These nicely paced stories combine appealing characters, mystery, social commentary and a touch of humour in a readable mixture that maintains the right balance between entertainment and reflection. Fresh and enjoyable, the book also makes an interesting change from the familiar, and usually predictable, mainstream crime-fiction offerings.’ ~ Jeff Popple, The Canberra Times, 4th April 2004.

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