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Due in August 2017

In London, war veteran James Sharpe struggles to come to terms with what he’s become: a vampire. His new lodger, artist Gabriel Dare, is best thing that’s happened to James since his discharge. Or he would be, if James knew whether he was still capable of love. He knows he’s capable of much worse things; the things he fights within himself every day.

Is James a danger to those he cares for? What will happen if Gabriel finds out what James is?

Gabriel, however, has a secret history of his own. And when some of his friends, the subjects of his art, go missing from the streets, a whole nest of secrets and a dangerous plot are revealed: involving a clairvoyant cop, Gabriel’s brother and a host of London’s monsters.


The Adventure of the Colonial Boy

released March 2016

I admit to being wary about whether [Harris] could really, truly pull off a romance for Holmes and Watson. I am convinced. She more than pulled it off. She nailed it. And now I’m swept headlong into a vision of Holmes and Watson, forever changed. I’ll eagerly be re-reading ACD canon with a brand new understanding. I’ve no doubt that ACD’s stories will be utterly consistent with a Holmes and Watson in love – whether pre-consummation or post.  – CoachJanette,

The Opposite of Life (2007)

“It’s certainly a most unusual vampire novel. Lissa Wilson, librarian, geek, and young woman about town,… seems to be the magnet for trouble. … She’s a wonderful character; not because she’s an heroic supergirl, but because she rings true. If you can get this book, do.” – Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse books

Walking Shadows (2012)

“A genuine love letter to the burgeoning horror fan sub-culture, as well as an entertaining thriller with elements of action, romance and humour.  An excellent and very pleasurable read. Go out and take a bit folks.” – The Momus Report

Showtime (2012)

“It’s a beautiful collection of pieces, each one utterly classic and completely new at the same time… In Narrelle’s hands, everything old is new again, and everything new has the weight of age.  There’s magic in that, and in this book.” — Seanan McGuire, author of the Rosemary and Rue series.

Witch Honour

(out of print)

“Harris presents strong female characters and a gracefully told story.” – The Library Journal

Witch Faith

(out of print)

“I read Witch Faith in one sitting”. Donna Maree Hanson, The Specusphere

Fly By Night and Sacrifice

(out of print)

These nicely paced stories combine appealing characters, mystery, social commentary and a touch of humour in a readable mixture that maintains the right balance between entertainment and reflection. Fresh and enjoyable, the book also makes an interesting change from the familiar, and usually predictable, mainstream crime-fiction offerings.’ – Jeff Popple, The Canberra Times.

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