Comics Watchtower #5

Too Many Crises to Count”: I chat with the CW folks about Elfquest and hair; the wokeness of Riverdale, and the Lucifer-Miranda crossover fanfic we all want, even if we didn’t know it. (2017)

Martian Drive-In Podcast #112

Recorded live at Continuum 13 in June 2017, Paul Poulton and I talk with podcaster Terry Frost about movie franchises, feminism, whitewashing, dementia and Wonder Woman.

Galactic Chat 29

Alex Pierce interviews me about writing apps and the Kitty and Cadaver project.

Taleteller Podcast episode #12

Phillipe Perez interviews writers and other creative types in his Melbourne-based podcast. He interviewed me about inspiration and the Kitty and Cadaver project in June 2013.

Splendid Chaps

In May 2013, was a guest on the Five/Fear the Doctor Who podcast, Splendid Chaps, talking about Peter Davison’s Doctor and the concepts of Fear in the series. The podcast is hosted by Ben McKenzie, John Richards and Petra Elliott, and my co-guest was comedian and actor Tegan Higginbotham. See the website to find out where to listen/download the episode.

The Martian Drive-In Podcast #6

I was a guest on Terry Frost’s podcast about Shadow of the Vampire and Curse of the Vampire, two very different vampire films.


The Outland Institute Radio Show on Melbourne’s Joy FM

In 2009 I was the regular book reviewer/interviewer/commentator for The Outland Institute’s radio show  on Melbourne GLBT radio station Joy, hosted by John Richards The show is now on indefinite hiatus, but you can download the 22 episodes here or from iTunes.


In February 2009, I appeared on the Boxcutters TV podcast, episode 167 – to discuss tv vampires in general, and then the first three episodes of the British series, Demons.

Vampires, Vamps and Va Va Voom

A podcast is also available of the panel discussion I took part in at the Vampires, Vamps and Va Va Voom symposium in 2008.

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