Here’s a bibliography of all my novels and short stories in date order, including upcoming publications:

YearTitle | Book/ShortPublicationPublisher
A Dream to Build a Kiss On2018Improbable Press
Scar Tissue and Other Stories2018Narrelle M Harris via Patreon
The Problem of the Three Journals (s)Baker Street Irregulars 2: The Game is Afoot
Due 24 April 2018
Diversion Books
Earworm Armageddon (s)Wavelength (2018)Jayhenge
2018Fly By Night: Duo Ex Machina book 1 (re-release)Narrelle M Harris via Patreon
2017Passive Aggressive (s)Myths, Monsters, Mutations Jayhenge
Jane (s)
Scarlet Stiletto: The Ninth Cut 2017

Winner of The Body in the Library Award at the 2017 Scarlet Stiletto Awards (Sisters in Crime Australia)
Clan Destine Press
The Mystery of the Miner's Wife (s)Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook Echo Publishing
Ravenfall (b)Clan Destine Press
Near Miss (s)Clan Destine Press
The Case of the Temperamental Terrier (s)MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories VI - 2017 Annual
May 2017
MX Publishing
2016Virgin Soil (s)And Then...: The Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales Volume 1Clan Destine Press
The Christmas Card Mystery (s)MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Volume 5 - Christmas AdventuresMX Publishing
Nectar (s) and Love Song to a Bee (poem)A Murmuring of BeesImprobable Press
Know Your Own Happiness (s) A Certain PersuasionManifold Press
Wilderness (s)Clan Destine Press
The Adventure of the Colonial Boy (b)Improbable Press
Death's Door (s)Intrepid HorizonsJay Henge
2015The Birthday Present (s)Queermance Vol 2.Clan Destine Press
Birds of a Feather (s)Clan Destine Press
Show and Tell (s) EncountersJay Henge
A Paying Client (s)Clan Destine Press
2014Expendable (s)Clan Destine Press
Double Edged (s)Clan Destine Press
Homecoming (s)Clan Destine Press
Sky High, Bone Deep (s)Escape Publishing
Late Bloomer (s)Queermance Vol. 1Clan Destine Press
Scar Tissue(s)Mildred
2013Stalemate (reprint) (s)The Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2012Ticonderoga Publications
2012Walking Shadows (b)Clan Destine Press
Showtime (collection of short stories) (b)Twelfth Planet Press
2010The Truth About Brains (s)Best New Zombie Tales Vol.2Books of the Dead
2009The CSI Effect (non-fiction essay)Outside the Law #3 (re-released as Cold Blood in 2013)Five Mile Press
2008The Opposite of Life (b)Pulp Fiction Press
2007Witch Faith (b)Five Star Press
2005Witch Honour (b)Five Star Press
2004Fly By Night (contains Fly By Night and Sacrifice) (b)Homosapien Press
2002Newsworthy (s)Pelt #8


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