New review of Showtime

Showtime_verysmlThis review of my 2012 collection, Showtime, made this writerly heart very happy.

“As an exploration of family themes, I’m hard pressed to think of a book that does a better job of considering some of the difficult concepts shared here, mother and daughter love that is as fraught as the love is deep, that frustration and love that comes from being a sibling and finding your younger brother annoying as hell – and yet, you don’t really want him dead. Being the matriarch of a line and being done with old curses, wanting freedom and hope for your family into the future, and supporting a child’s bravery and truth, appreciating chosen family in friendship.”

The paperback is out of print, but you can still get Showtime as an ebook. You can find out more about it here.

The Adventure of the Colonial Boy at Hares and Hyenas

You can get The Adventure of the Colonial Boy from Hares and Hyenas at 63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy or order it from them online.

Review of The Adventure of the Colonial Boy

SameSame gave the book a lovely review.

“…the crime mystery is intensified by an unfolding personal drama between the two heroes that gratifyingly confirms their feelings that for many of us have hovered just below the surface waiting to escape. I kept imagining actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman within the stirring romantic plot and could only agree that the book is hard to put down.”

Improbable Press Announcement!

God Save the QueenAnnounced 8 April: Coming in the second half of 2016 from Improbable PressGod Save the Queen by Atlin Merrick, Narrelle M Harris and Verity Burns. Preorders and a Kickstarter will be announced soon!

Intrepid Horizons

intrepidhorizonskindlecoverThis anthology from Jay Henge Press, with my story Death’s Door, came out on 6 April!





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