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Welcome to my humble homepage, where you can find out about my latest books, see what events I have coming up and check out links to my social media, including my latest blogs. I write fantasy, crime and horror and the name of Narrelle M Harris: my vampire book,...


Showtime, a collection of short stories (including one featuring Gary and Lissa from The Opposite of Life) was officially released on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2012. You can buy Showtime at Twelfth Planet Press (or, indeed, subscribe to all twelve of the Twelve Planets series: Showtime is #5)....

Recent interviews

Set Guidelines to Focus Writing Energies Helen Goltz asked me for my writing and reading plans for 2015. The result means I need to plan well or start gibbering now…

Smartphone Apps

Find out about Melbourne’s literary secrets in my app, Melbourne Literary, and then see what I think is downright odd about my town in Melbourne Peculiar. The apps are available in both iTunes and for Android.

The Witches of Tyne

   The Witches of Tyne combines both Witch Honour and Witch Faith, plus a few extra short stories, in a single volume. Get it from Amazon.

Adventurous Hearts blog

Not content with writing crime, fantasy, horror, plays, songs and non-fiction, I’m branching out again. Under the name N.M. Harris, I’m now a writer of erotic romance! My sexy spy thrillers were launched in 2013 – so far consisting of Double Edged and Expendable. The new series, the Talbott...

Scar Tissue in Mildred #49

My short story Scar Tissue – about the scars we bear, and what they mean – was published in Mildred #49 in 2014. Read Scar Tissue

Kitty and Cadaver

Kitty and Cadaver is the story of a rock and roll band that saves the world from monsters.

It's a story about a young woman with a mysterious past who does make-up for the dead, until the day the dead all sit up and take a bit too much interest in her.

It's the story of love and loss. It's the story of music and magic. It's the story of a zombie apocalypse that maybe isn't one, on the streets of Melbourne.

The Kitty and Cadaver project involves an online novel, with songs and art, a craft project and eventually a comic book. Who knows what else may come out of it?

Visit Kitty and Cadaver to subscribe to the blog and see what's going on!

The Kitty Jewellery project – making jewellery out of broken musical instruments – is now underway. Check out our Etsy store for necklaces, earrings, hair sticks and (in due course) more! - including this hair stick made from a violin bow and peg.

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